PWA supports community forestry and carbon reduction with the Arcata Forest Offset Program

Arcata Community Forest

In an effort to support local community forestry and offset our carbon emmissions, PWA calculated our business carbon footprint and purchased 50 metric tons of carbon offsets through the Terrapass Arcata Forest Offset Program. This is equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during 50 round trip flights from SFO to JFK.

By implementing the Improved Forest Management protocol in the Barnum tract of the Arcata Community Forest and partnering with Terrapass, the City of Arcata is able to promote sustainable forestry that sequesters more carbon per acre than traditional forestry practices would allow. Purchasing offsets from this project saves trees and supports local forestry and restoration jobs that are important to the northcoast economy. For more information about the Arcata Forest Offset Progam, check out the Terrapass website here.

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